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Research And Development In Viral And Bacterial Vaccines Biotechnology

Research and Development has been integral to BE's philosophy and growth strategy since its inception. As part of this vision, BE established and inaugurated a state-of-the-art Research Centre in December 2004. Our aim is to develop quality and affordable vaccines.

The R&D centre has the basic C-GMP infrastructure required for cell culture, virus handling and trial viral vaccine development and bacterial vaccines, trial batches production including polysaccharide based recombinant vaccines.

The Centre has essentials part like cell and virus culture laboratories - classified positive and negative pressure areas, Biohazard hoods and BSL-2 facilities. Supportive sections are media, washing, sterilization rooms and a process control laboratory. Every section is equipped with highly advanced instruments.

A new state-of-the-art pilot BSL-3 laboratory facility is due to be commissioned, which will give BE a platform to manufacture clinical trail batches of all upcoming viral and bacterial vaccines.

BE has an agreement with Intercell AG, a leading developer of next generation vaccines, to develop, manufacture and sell Japanese Encephalitis Vaccine.

Our R&D team constantly uses alternative tools and technological up gradation to keep in pace with the rapidly changing Biological Sciences scenario and to bring out quality products.