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When Biological E Limited was incorporated as Biological Products Private Limited in 1953, it became the pioneer in the manufacturing of Heparin in India.

Over the course of nearly fifty years, Biological E Limited has expanded and developed its product line to cover a whole range of pharmaceutical formulations in various segments including asthma, cough management and digestive enzymes, nutraceuticals, anti-infectives, anticoagulants and analgesics & antipyretic. Biological E Limited offers a wide range of value added products including a number of ORG top 300 brands of Indian Pharmaceutical Industry. Our high quality, value added products are affordable.

Biological E Limited is equipped with the most modern facilities for manufacturing and regularly introduces the latest products in different therapeutic categories. Biological E Limited is one of the most respected and top pharmaceutical companies of India.

Biological E Limited recognizes that strict quality control, adherence to international standards; safety and purity of product are critical to it's business as it affects human life. Our commitment to these standards and practices has been rewarded by the WHO (Geneva) GMP certification.