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Biological E. Limited products have been used to protect millions of Indians, through immunization, ever since its inception as a pioneer and the first private sector biological products company in the country. Today Biological E Limited continues to enjoy the leadership position in Vaccinology and has a significant market share in the Indian vaccine market, especially in the paediatric range.

Our unique Biological Products namely Beparine and Neo-Hepatex have proved to be blockbuster molecules for the Company. Biological E Limited also produces paediatric vaccines like DPT, TT and ATS and has growth plans to expand into new generation vaccines by focusing on combo vaccines.

In the last decade alone, Biological E Limited has supplied over 120 crore doses (1.2 billion) of Vaccines including supplies to the Government of India. Literally every child in India at one time or the other has been immunized by Biological E Limited.

The focus of our recent expansion is on vaccines. We expect significant growth and are expanding the product range, market access, manufacturing facilities and infrastructure through investments, product development and marketing agreements.

We have started a state-of-the-art Technology project at Biotech Park Phase II, Andhra Pradesh, with strict compliance with WHO and US-FDA GMP guidelines to produce new generation vaccines to reach out to international markets.