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Ulta Filtration System
OUR QUALITY POLICIES are focused on the World Health Organization as well as the Drug and Cosmetics Act 1940, India guidelines, laws and regulations governing the manufacture of Pharmaceutical products, Biological products, Herbal products and Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients as well as pharmaceutical  requirements to achieve customers delight.

Pure Stream Generators
OUR QUALITY MANAGEMENT is mandated and supported by executive management and although co-ordinated by the Quality Management Department, it is monitored by departmental self-audits, internal facility audits and Quality Assurance compliance programs. It is further enforced by regulatory agency inspections/investigations.

Inspection Machine for Vial packing
OUR QUALITY STANDARDS are achieved through Quality principles and relevant Standard Operational Procedures that ensure each product meets the requirements for safety, identity, potency, strength, quality, purity, uniformity, reliability and stability. These Quality principles in conjunction with our internal procedures are used in the planning, design and construction of facilities and validation of processes, products, test methods and systems. Research and Development, Engineering, Maintenance, Materials Management, Production, Quality Assurance and Quality Control are always oriented with true Quality principles.

OUR QUALITY CONTROL laboratories are equipped with routinely calibrated instruments that carry out chemical, biological and microbiological testing. These laboratories separated from the production areas are independent. Our controls are designed to ensure that raw materials, package components, in-process materials, labeling, finished products conform to appropriate standards of safety, identity, strength, quality, purity, uniformity, reliability and stability.

Biological E Limited attaches high importance to maintaining a strict quality control, at every stage of its processes, and over products and management practices across all its facilities and throughout the organization. The safety of our products is checked, through extensive testing, sampling and validation procedures, so as to be consistent with the final product specifications.