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BE's People PowerBiological E Limited's key to success is it's people. Human bodies may be cloned in the future but their ideas, personalities, motivation and values can never be copied.

Our highly talented and committed people give us a competitive advantage in the business.Talent management and recognition that people are the core resource, has aided Biological E Limited's growth and success as a business entity.

Life at Biological E LimitedWe take great pride in knowing that the growth and progress of Biological E Limited is entirely dependent upon its Human Resources. To help our people discharge their responsibilities and grow as complete professionals we have clear cut practices and an environment that recognizes and rewards their efforts.

Organization ChartReflects the separation of Quality functions from Production Operations and ensures that there are no gaps or unnecessary overlaps in responsibilities.

Authority In order to discharge responsibilities impartially.

TrainingAdditional professionally guided job preparatory experience and/or on-the-job training.

HygieneHygienic personal and health habits and appropriate clothing to protect products from contamination claim essential and critical requirement. Regular medical check-ups for those persons who are likely to come into direct contact with products are ensured.

Personnel AreasWe provide clean and hygienic eating areas, changing rooms, toilets and washing facilities that are easily accessible, but separated from working areas.