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From 1977 Biological E Limited has focused on building its pharmaceutical business in India. Our core competencies are development, manufacturing and marketing of pharmaceuticals. Biological E Limited is the 57th ORG ranking company in India in terms of its prescription market share.

We have dedicated manufacturing facilities for Solid Dosage Forms, Liquid Orals and Syrups, Parenterals and Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients and continue to invest in world-class facilities that will be in accordance with US FDA and EMEA standards.

Biological E Limited has significant capabilities in pharmaceutical product development. We are looking at partnering with innovators and academic institutions as well as licensing from other companies. Our strategy is to develop and launch innovative pharmaceuticals through a collaborative model.

In the domestic market, we have sales offices at 23 locations and 25 depots. We cover around 1,00,000 doctors allover India and our products are sold by around 15,000 stockists in India. These facilitate the marketing efforts of our team throughout the country. Biological E Limited is also expanding sales and marketing channels internationally. Currently, we export to Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Indonesia, Malaysia and the CIS countries.