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BE's CultureBiological E Limited has a tradition of concern for people and healthcare providers, with a dedication to develop good pharmaceutical products.

Biological E Limited regards "practitioners, patients and their families" as the most important participants in the healthcare process and expects all its employees to consider and be responsive to - "the practitioner and patient's perspective" in their effort to improve human healthcare through proactive medication.

Biological E Limited is committed to improving the quality of human life by enabling people to do more, feel better and live longer.

BE's Management PositionBiological E Limited's triumphs have been based on the principled and equitable management of its human resources. Talent and creativity of people is the one differentiator that separates the entities that will succeed from the companies that will perish. Attracting talent, retaining talent and building talent are Biological E Limited management's primary focus.

At Biological E Limited, we encourage autonomy and give people the freedom to develop and contribute their best to the organisation. The entire management team is like a family - coherent and compact - always looking to support and encourage one another. Biological E Limited strongly believes that the success of a business depends on "people-embodied" knowledge. This is especially true in the knowledge-based industries, like Pharmaceuticals and Biotech.

Dr. Vijay Kumar Datla, Chairman and Managing Director, the man behind Management's thrust, strongly believes in individual learning and development at Biological E Limited.

Biological E Limited's management style influences the work environment and the results are there for all to see.